GOSU X : Bêta !

Gosu X PNP is now available for download (link below)!


Please remember this is a beta version of the game: art, graphic design and card abilities are not final.

The art comes from our previous games (Immortal 8 and NINE) as Gosu X artwork is currently in progress. We will update the PNP with the new artwork!

Phases of development

The beta phase will last until end Q1 2020 and the game will be released Q4 2020.

We are currently thinking about crowdfunding with a retail release one month after backers have received their games. You are free to talk about the game: there is no NDA here.

To discuss the game, to ask rules questions or strategy, please use our Discord channel. It is easier for us to track than Twitter or Facebook.


A first draft of the rules, a list of all keywords and a FAQ are also available. We will update them as often as possible.

Every time we change a rule or a card, we will update the PNP file with a numbered version of the file: 1.1, 1.2, etc.

Playtesters who wish to have their name written at the end of the rules can tell us before we print the game.